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Used with permission by Ruth Thompson, Title "Magi" © 1998 Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.

Name:Malik Valisade
Hair:Midnight Blue
Eye color:Dark with Purple Irises
Occupation:Amnesiac he doesn't know
Outward attitude:Warm and Friendly, happy
Inward Nature:
Creatures/Familiars/Pets:His Familiar is Tsiem the White tiger
Special Notes:

The Story of Malik Valisade as told to Sotana by Gideon Faust

*A single raven lands on Sotana's window ledge* CAW!!!! CAW!!!
: Pulls pillow over my head:
*Three more ravens and a dove land on the window ledge* CAW! CAW!
: Throws Malik's pillow toward the window never uncovering my head:
*The four birds leap from the sill, fly in a circle, and return*
: Sighs and drifts back to sleep:
*The entire flock suddenly fills the room, flying into the ground combining, the room filling with black smoke*
: Stirs slightly curling into a ball:
*The combination completes and Faust stand there, in only clothing and drape*
: Cover slips all the way off to the floor as Sotana rolls over again tossing in her sleep:
*Steps up slowly to the sleeping angel, and gently runs his hand along her wing*
: Mumbles softly in sleep wing flaring at your touch:
*Draws hand back and face clinches slightly at hearing the name*
*Shakes it off*
*Runs hand along the side of her face softly*
Sotana, wake up little angel
: Eyes drift open pushing hair away, looks at you hazily trying to focus, eyes have dark circles under them:
: Sits up focusing on you:
: Searches for the blanket to hide myself realizing it has slipped off:
*Tendrils of flesh spring from forearm, fetching you the blanket, only after admiring the view momentarily*
: Blushes furiously pulling the blanket around me from behind:
G...Good morning Gideon.
: Looks for Malik not seeing him leans against Tsiem gently:
What brings you here today?
: Eyes look down still blushing pulling the blanket tightly around me:
Oh, nothing, just in the neighborhood.
Lovely tiger.
*Reaches out hand to pet it*
*The tiger's hair stands on end, and it growls fiercely*
*Faust looks at it in the eyes and his own shimmer through multiple colors*
*Tsiem stops growling and licks at his hand*
His name is Tsiem he is Malik's familiar.
: Watches you carefully as Tsiem stills. Pets him gently:
*Flinches slightly at the name, but again shakes it off*
And who, pray-tell is that?
Malik Valisade, he came through a portal with the familiar very battered almost dead. I healed him.
: Smiles proudly:
*Glassy green eyes fade completely at hearing the name*
Gideon? Wot is it?
N...nothing Sotana it's nothing...
Donnae lie. Tell me that name made you unhappy please Gideon what know you of Malik?
The Valisades, they were a family of aristocrats. They were arrogant, proud, and unbelievably wealthy...and utterly hated by others. They would hold games of life and death, and offer people money to compete and they and their friends would bet on the outcome. Of course, the Valisades always won, because no one could win their games, they were all fixed.
: Sits listening quietly:
Eventually, the townspeople got tired of it, and the Valisades were hunted down, and all slaughtered...all but the middle son, and the youngest daughter. The daughter, Skylar, vanished, but her body was never found, she was presumed dead, but it can't be proven. But the son...Malik...went rather insane, and sought revenge. He began to dabble in the black arts...with powers he couldn't possibly comprehend...powers I myself don't fully understand, with even my vast knowledge. It was too much for him, and he was overwhelmed, and driven totally mad. All that mattered to him was power; he loved it, and had to keep it. Every time he committed a murder, his power grew; he drew from their energy. He massacred countless men and women...
: Shifts nervously listening attentively:
But finally, he was caught resting, and was attacked. He was held, as his lips were sewn shut, sealing his most powerful abilities. Without speech, he couldn't draws from the dark spirits, and he was imprisoned. But he had become too strong... they couldn't kill him...though not saying they didn't give it a run. He was shot...hung...shackled and drowned...
: Blinks horrified at how I had found him the impact hitting me hard:
: Silver eyes look up at you:
: Remains silent still listening:
Impaled...burned at the stake...they even attempted to behead him and the guillotine blade made of razor-sharp, tempered steel dulled on impact with his flesh...They eventually threw him into a tower on the edge of a steep cliff, and left him to rot...
But...but Gideon he only remembers his name and Tsiem.
: Pets him gently:
And he is so sweet to me I can't believe it's the same man other than his.... his lips were sewn shut when I found him....
: Looks down:
I love him......I can't believe he is mean :softly: how did you meet him Gideon?
We've run across each other a time or two...I actually have complemented him on his handy-work. Are you to tell me Malik Valisade has amnesia?
He is having visions.... And if I am near I see and feel each one just like I am him.
: Plays with the ring on my finger:
He isn't bad Gideon.... Not what I have seen of him
*Looks down at your hand, grabbing it in mine*
Where did you get that?
: Yanks my hand back flinching at your roughness:
Malik made it for me.
: Holds hand to my chest clutching the blanket to me:
What do you mean he made it for you? The greatest glass-workers in the world couldn't craft an object so small with such precision. It's impossible for it to be man made, only one with the abilities of highly advanced pyromancy could do so, and if what you say is true, Malik could not do it, for he has amnesia
He read it in Mistress' library he can read with a speed that is unbelievable
A bond with darkness does not bring stupidity Sotana, the man is brilliant, unmatched perhaps. All he did was refresh his memory anyway, and if he continues, other skills he knows may emerge, and as they do, he will regain all his abilities...which rival my own...
: Looks down:
I don't think he will ever be the same Gideon.
: Slides from the bed walking into my room, quickly dresses pulling on a backless gray dress:
Well...for your sake I hope you're right. Just be careful... he's not one to be taken lightly. But if what you say is true, then you not only have a wonderful friend, but an amazing warrior at your side.
: Walks back in the room head lowered:
: Looks up with a pained look in my eyes:
I love him Gideon, I do not want to loose him. I've never been treated so..... So wonderfully before. I.. I can't see the darkness in him as others may have. And it is his past Mayhap he will change if he remembers it all.
: Swallows:
You say you love him...does he love you?
: Eyes shine:
He said he loved me yes
Then perhaps it is true...maybe you can change him if he reverts to his former self. And maybe he won't. Maybe he'll remain as he is, growing stronger, but keeping his current state. Only time will tell Sotana, but in all respects, he is elite, mind, body, and spirit.
: Looks at you again:
And if he does turn back Gideon? I cannot defend against such power. Though at this moment I would die for him. I have not seen any bad of him. I would do anything for him unless he hurts me
As I said, if he loves you, he still will, he'll just know of his past as well. I don't think you have much to worry about, but the others around you may. Try not to think about it I must go
*Hugs Sotana*
If you need help, contact me
: Hugs you back:
How do I contact you?
*Reaches beneath drape and into pocket*
*Removes a small, thin, silver anklet, with miniature ruby studs*
Here, think, and I'll know
: Takes it:
: Looks at you:
Ok Gideon thanks for all you told me. It shed much light on the visions
: Smiles and hugs you again:
*Hugs you back*
I wouldn't advise telling Malik could be a trigger, allow the visions to come slowly, to prevent a shock into his former state. Ah, before I go, how is Nissa?
Nissa has had her baby she is awake now but not able to leave her room. She started labor yesterday but Mercy stopped it for her till Riptide could arrive for her. So she is delicate. I bet she would like to see you before you go and I will say nothing to Malik, but Gideon he can read my mind without my notice. He has some sort of link or bond to me.
: Kneels putting on the anklet:
Well, just wait and see how things go Sotana...and if she is up to it, I will see Nissa before I take my leave
I'm sure she would like to see you.
: Scans for Nissa:
She is sitting in her window seat looking out the window now.
: Smiles:
Well then, if you would excuse me
*Explodes into a flock of both ravens and doves, exiting out Sotana's window, and circling down to Nissa's window*

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