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Title made by Gem Bluestone

Telina Myst

"Used with permission" by Artist Meilin Wong, Title, "Sword Angel"

Telina Myst and her brother Darius DKen

"Used with Permission" by Artist Larry Elmore, Title, "Lost Tales"

The picture that Gramma DM has in her drawing room.

Used with permission by Ruth Thompson, Title "Anybody Home" © 1998 Ruth Thompson. All rights reserved! Read the legal information.

Name:Telina Myst, Angel of Wisdom
Nicknames:AoW, Telina, Lina
Race:1/2 Angel(Angel of Mercy)1/2 elf
Height: 5'4"
Hair:Dark Brown to waist
Eye color:Emerald Green
Appearance:Silver and red wings, lightweight blue dress, simple sandals
Outward attitude:Shy but playful, craves knowledge, has nose stuck in a book most of the time
Inward Nature:Needs to learn to play and not take life so seriously
Weapons:What are those??
Spells:Healing only
Special Notes:Raised by her father Merloch but then lived with her grandmother DarkMistress Nissandra through her troubled times giving her comfort where she could. She loves to play with her brother Darius when she can find him as he, Merloch and DM are her only family.

Sent to the Temple of Mages to complete her training, Telina fled for her life when Delane Del Rith a Dark Mage of the underworld overthrew the Temple and took the angel Telina captive. The Angel being pure he wished to impregnate her upon the full moon in the month of June in the year 99.

Telina after being tortured, burned, beaten and her feather and soul stone taken by Del Rith fled home to find her Father missing. She went to her Grandmother DarkMistress Nissandra Xternal hoping to be safe there and found he had tracked her there. Sade, unknown to Telina, had been watching her and upon seeing Del Rith crush her soul stone fled with her and the dust of her soul stone.

He took her to his castle in the clouds vowing to destroy Del Rith and protect Telina. Telina did not understand this of him why he wished to help. She felt like an outcast all her life. Sade soon drug her heart wretching story from her holding her gently while the flood of emotions rushed through her and the truth tumbled from her lips. She felt safe with Sade that he was not one of Del Rith's trick illusions to get her to trust. That he was very real, and he was quickly tumbling her solid walls that for 25 years she held up so fiercely.

Sade Ravine's Bio and Stats

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