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Artist for this picture is Luis Royo, Title of this picture, "Diagonal of Dreams Study" "Luis Royo's art was found on Public Domain"

Name:Sotana Twin Angel of Mercy
Race:Seraphim Angel/Divine/Immortal
Hair:Silver with red streaks to knees
Eye color:Silver or Gray
Appearance:White dress, backless to allow her wings. Her wings are silver and streaked with red.
Outward attitude: Very shy and timid. Doesn't speak unless spoken too
Inward Nature: Withdrawn but neutral. Sharp tongue when angered
Spells:Holy light, Holy energy, Holy energy of healing, Divine touch,
Immunities and abilities:Her pure blood will reject all impurities. She is immune to all and any Earthly diseases and plagues, she is immune to enchantments and curses. She is immune to holy attacks as she is divine. Her pure blood and divinity allows her to heal an abnormal rate. Bones will repair within 30 minutes to one hour.
Weaknesses:Demons, Daemons and their touches anything diabolical. Hellfire and unholy spells. There is but one Daemon that can get near her, Khaos Tikan, the one whom saved her the night she fell from the heavens.

Angels of Mercy

Sotana DelMonico

Twin fallen angels of the split and shattered soul of Mistress Nissandra

The DarkMistress in the year 98 went through a horrible time. Her Lord of the Dark Ki'Andris had left her. Her life fell apart. She was alone and lost and drifting on the verge of insanity. Her eyes flashing gold she stepped upon a window ledge in the Castle Arnathal she looked back to see Vermillion standing there. She looked at him through her tears as he held out a hand to her. "Nissa it isn't worth it. The pain will go in time." "B..but he left me Vermillion. I loved him with all that was me. And he is gone." Her eyes continued to flash gold as he took her hand gently pulling the sobbing Nissandra into his arms and from the ledge. He lay on the couch with her holding her tightly as she sobbed and cried in his arms. Her sanity so close to snapping.

Vermillion remained with her for days soothing her and reassuring her that her heart would heal in time. But sadly he watched something happen. He watched her shatter. Her soul split into three pieces. He heard her painful scream as the red and silver light shot from her body and into the heavens.

They fell from heaven


In a land of long ago, a world called Fantasy a story was told of a Fallen Angel, Sotana DelMonico. The year was 98 when she and her twin sister Mercy fell from the heavens into this realm of dreams.

Sotana fell into a realm where one looked upon her feathers and called her dinner. She fled for her life believing they would eat her for having wings. A daemon, Khaos Tikan tried to coax her from the bush she hid in. She wrapped her wings around herself and hid weeping in fear. Khaos was very patient with her and finally pulled the shy angel from the bush and put a soothing arm around her shoulder leading her to his tavern.

They talked of her fall from heaven being hit by someone's soul and it streaking her with red. The DarkMistress whom neither had met had broken down that very night from a breakup with her husband of over 20 years. Her soul shattered in pain hitting Sotana and her twin sister Mercy. Sotana explained she was the twin of her sister Mercy and so Khaos named her Sotana, meaning in lyani Fallen Holy One.

Khaos became angry that night tired of the bickering in his tavern. He burned it to the ground pulling the choking Sotana from the tavern. He asked her if she would help him build a new tavern, one with a magick lock ward upon it to stop the destruction of his hard work. To build it would require hours of manual labor. No magick allowed building it. She agreed.

She then met Naetell, whom would also help with the building of the tavern. For weeks and months they all labored building. Sotana's sister joining in at times as well. Soon they opened the Enoch Tavern. Khaos having Naetell and the twins run it if he was not around. Sotana shyly agreed and did as he asked though she spoke as little as possible.

As time passed, Sotana found herself attracted to Khaos and his sweet nature. And one night he kissed her. She blushed shyly feeling the attraction grow but too watched Naetell capturing his heart. Sotana withdrew from him. Hiding in a tree in her wings.

Soon she saw Naetell and Khaos marry and Sotana withdrew further going quiet in her own little world. And one day as she was going to work at the tavern a demon abducted her whisking her away to his castle. He blocked her mind so she could not connect to her twin or to The DarkMistress.

For years he abused the shy and quiet angel. He would shackle her and beat her. She would not cry out in pain for his pleasure she would withhold it in her. The scars left upon her body horrid. Her neck, arms and ankles scarred from the shackles. Her mind, heart and soul from the abuse and hate he dealt her.

And one night he placed her food just out of her reach, beat her bloody, and drunkenly left her there. He never returned the blocks on her mind eventually fell after a few weeks of not being able to reach the food and clawing at the shackles she finally reached out and linked weakly to her sister and Mistress. She collapsed knowing she had reached them and went unconscious.

Mistress and Mercy found Sotana barely alive teleporting her back to Moonlit castle and healing her after breaking through the shackles.

Mistress and Mercy nurtured the abused Sotana back to health her healing taking time as the demon had tried to poison her pure blood. Her own body rejecting the impurities. Slowly she came back to them and lived again. Now though she was very quiet, shy and meek.

As she healed she often ventured to the gardens. Mistress had given her a journal and prompted her to write of her trauma. She was a bit reluctant but thus she began to write of what had happened to her in the years of captivity. And as she wrote, her life began to change as the words were captured upon the paper.

Artist for these two pictures is Luis Royo, Titles are #1 "Diana of Bitu" and #2 "Hands of 3 Circles" "Luis Royo's art found on public domain"

A portal from another land

Sotana wandered the halls of Moonlit rather haunted by her past. She did meet Talon Darklighter one nigh' as she wandered, and curious about his wings they sat in the hallway on a bench speaking. He learned of her abuse, though in the dark of the halls did not see her scars that marred her skin.
A few days later a portal opened in the gardens in front of Sotana and she watched horrified as a man was brought through on the back of a white tiger beaten horrible and his lips sewn shut. She took the man to her room and bathed him clean of the blood and removed the stitches, she then healed him. She made him new clothing and tended to him and as he awoke, he had amnesia. No memory other than his name and the name of his tiger.

In time Sotana saw the horrid scars that marked her. They were in time removed by a friend. She learned slowly to trust again. To live. To have fun. But it has taken time. Now she prepares for the coming of a new life. Freedom.

The Dance of The Dancers Three

Today Sotana danced the dance with fear, and as the dance finished she was hit with such a rush of emotions she cried. Being neutral so long she did not remember such feelings. And for her sacrifice of freeing Mistress she was rewarded with the gift of her wings and her immortality. Sotana will regret nothing in returning Mistress and making her whole.

Sotana now feels true feelings and is a bit frightened by them. She now helps Talon and Gideon search for a cure for Mistress's mysterious illness. She too has taken the care of Lowell and Cessa Lynn Ramsay. Her and Mercy placing the silver mark of the Angels Mercy upon their right hand blessing the children and caring for them.

The children were taken back by Jorael and Sotana is rather sad as she has not seen them in some time. She now occupies her time with her Sister and Her friends Talon Darklighter and Malik Valisade.

In recent events Jorael returned Lowell and Cessa to the Angels, Sotana happily taking on Lowell as he called her "Ma" and in doing so she has now moved to her new home with Lowell and Malik.

Artist for these two pictures is Luis Royo, Title "Wings of Reflection" "Luis Royo's art found on public domain"

February 2000

Upon the grounds of Moonlit castle came a dark and evil presence. this evil began to use the people within as hosts to try to kill those it saught. This dark energy entered Sotana's husband Malik. He stalked after Ashliah and in an attempt to save him....Sotana drew the dark energy into her body and to speak...She returned to heaven and was purged...and punished for her sister's crime of bringing Malik to find her. Mercy held her dying sister to her as the arch angel of Justice refused to release them saying they still had to pay. Mercy unwavering refused to let Sotana pay further for he had ripped her wings off of her gentle sister.
In desperation Mercy reached for Vermillion. He invoked him and the angels were returned. Sotana, memoryless....
From the heavens came, the arch angels of Purity and Light....with a gift an orb which when both held it to their chests....they where granted the status of Seraphim. Mercy is rather confused by this. Sotana has no clue what is going on. "Khaos" appeared to see Sotana thus. And again he named her..."Sotana" "Fallen Holy One" the name ringing truer now than when first given. Sotana does not remember him and he vanished thereafter.
They then held the orbs to them and the transformation took place. Mercy and Sotana both gained a second set of wings, their holy power increased dramatically as a halo appeared on their arms. Seraphim Angels they became. Unsure why, Zeke had asked them to come to a dinner in heaven to learn why. A ceremony was held. Caleb was named their guardian. It was told of two girls, mortals that had died, one of the angels with them, she had bound her spirit with the children. Their souls taken to the heavens and held for two millenium. Two twins born divine, and the rejection of the will breaker was spoken of, as Mercy had denied Zeke, one of those children had faught him when he had tried to remove the angels spirit from them. He told Mercy and Sotana that Mercy's refusal to give in, The souls of the girls now resided within the sisters. As they where them reborn. Or so the divines believe. The twins accepted this graciously, honored to be asked. They were now rare, a divine with a soul within them.
Her Love Malik Valisade

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