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A Poem from Vermillion to Angel of Mercy

Artist of this picture, Luis Royo, Title, "Diagonal of Dreams" Luis Royo's art was found on public domain"

Race: Seraphim Angel
Sex: Female
Eyes: Silver/Gray
Hair: Silver
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 pounds
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Silver Angel, hidden beneath her silver hair: She wears no clothes and wears only a Silver Crucifix, Silver Ankh with a small red ruby and her wedding band
Outward Attitude: Very happy and playful, sharp tongue when made mad, the mischief maker of the twins.
Inward Attitude: A very loving and kind spirit if you can get to know her.
Weapons: Halo
Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinisis, Holy powers
Spells: Holy light, Holy energy, Holy energy of healing, Divine touch
Creatures/Familiars/Pets: Does Vermillion count? :giggles:
Immunities and abilities:Her pure blood will reject all impurities. She is immune to all and any Earthly diseases and plagues, she is immune to enchantments and curses. She is immune to holy attacks as she is divine. Her pure blood and divinity allows her to heal an abnormal rate. Bones will repair within 30 minutes to one hour.
Weaknesses:Demons, Daemons and their touches anything diabolical. Hellfire and unholy spells.

Angel Of Mercy and her husband Vermillion Gabriel Draven

Used with Permission by Artist Christina L. Frazer, Title "Mestoph and Pirotess"

Vermillions Bio

Angel of Mercy Draven

Sotana DeMonico, The Fallen, Twin Angel of Mercy

Twin fallen angels of the split soul

The twins Angels of Mercy were banished from heaven and cast to the realm of fantasy for allowing a demon to pass the gates. They had proven to show too much mercy and for this the demon destroyed many of the archangels and keepers of the gates. Their punishment was banishment to the realm to live amongst them there.

Upon their fall they were hit by the ripped soul of DarkMistress each receiving a portion of her. Sotana her neutrality, Mercy her happiness...

Sotana landed in the dark enchanted forest and upon landing someone looked at her feathers and called her dinner. She ran into the forest Khaos Tiken following trying to soothe her. He soon calmed her and took her to his tavern they talked for a very long time. She met Naetell that night whom she took a liking too and they had an enjoyable evening together.

Mercy fell into the gem forest into a tree above one called Vermillion Gabriel Draven. She threw leaves in his hair. He made her branch crack and she fell into his lap. Upon looking into his eyes, she knew she loved him. He was the one for her. She would want no other.

Vermillion and Mercy had a long courting Vermillion sweet and shy would sing to her under the moon dancing on the beach. She returning his words singing with him. He made her a crystal rose one night under the stars. She still keeps it in her cloak. Then one day Vermillion got upon his knee and asked Mercy to marry him. She accepted with a tear in her eye, overcome with love and happiness. And so they finally married on Vermilion's birthday. Merloch and Mercy's present to him. Merloch also gave to Vermillion the Midnight Keep of New Hope. Their new home. And each day her love grows for the man that captured her heart. Love like none she has ever known.

The day came that Nissandra, Mercy and Sotana where drawn together to dance the dance of the dancers three. They would return the split soul of Nissandra to her and the three would be free and whole once more.

The Dance of The Dancers Three

Mercy has since had a Son, Trent Azreal Draven. Her family grows as does her love for her husband Vermillion. Mercy after the dance learned she had true feelings more so than she ever had had before. Her feelings before had been happy and carefree. She learned soon she now possessed every emotion and feeling imaginable. Pain was the feeling that seemed to hit her the hardest. Trent had found a girlfriend Cephilia Lillian Gainan. Gem Bluestones daughter. And in the months spent in Alexandria Vermillion and Mercy returned home to find the girl pregnant and Trent seemingly truely happy. But then Trent became angry with Mercy and his thoughts hit her through his link to her and she ran off in tears the hurt she felt unbearable. Trent went into his lab Cephilia following him. He unleashed his Dark Magic within the castle. Verm and Mercy heard Cephilia's soul shattering scream and ran into the lab. Mercy was attacked by the dark energy and became very ill. Trent was gone leaving only a pile of Ashes within the lab and Cephilia weeping for her lost love.

Vermillion removed the dark energy from Mercy's pure body and soul and he too fell ill from the dark energy having removed an ungodly amount from the pure body of his beloved. Both sleep off the effects of the spell. Cephilia taking refuge within Trents now empty room.

February 2000

Upon the grounds of Moonlit castle came a dark and evil presence. this evil began to use the people within as hosts to try to kill those it saught. This dark energy entered Sotana's husband Malik. He stalked after Ashliah and in an attempt to save him....Sotana drew the dark energy into her body and to speak...She returned to heaven and was purged...and punished for her sister's crime of bringing Malik to find her. Mercy held her dying sister to her as the arch angel of Justice refused to release them saying they still had to pay. Mercy unwavering refused to let Sotana pay further for he had ripped her wings off of her gentle sister.
In desperation Mercy reached for Vermillion. He invoked him and the angels were returned. Sotana, memoryless....
From the heavens came, the arch angels of Purity and Light....with a gift an orb which when both held it to their chests....they where granted the status of Seraphim. Mercy is rather confused by this. Sotana has no clue what is going on. "Khaos" appeared to see Sotana thus. And again he named her..."Sotana" "Fallen Holy One" the name ringing truer now than when first given. Sotana does not remember him and he vanished thereafter.
They then held the orbs to them and the transformation took place. Mercy and Sotana both gained a second set of wings, their holy power increased dramatically as a halo appeared on their arms. Seraphim Angels they became. Unsure why, Zeke had asked them to come to a dinner in heaven to learn why. A ceremony was held. Caleb was named their guardian. It was told of two girls, mortals that had died, one of the angels with them, she had bound her spirit with the children. Their souls taken to the heavens and held for two millenium. Two twins born divine, and the rejection of the will breaker was spoken of, as Mercy had denied Zeke, one of those children had faught him when he had tried to remove the angels spirit from them. He told Mercy and Sotana that Mercy's refusal to give in, The souls of the girls now resided within the sisters. As they where them reborn. Or so the divines believe. The twins accepted this graciously, honored to be asked. They were now rare, a divine with a soul within them.

A Chimerical Love

His darkened heart cries out
Yearning for affection
No one will hear its call
Perhaps his very soul needs resurrection

There is only one he seeks
But how could she ever want him
A true Angel she be
And he, oh so grim

A tear of blood trickles down his eye
If only he could take her pain away
For that he would gratefully die

Her love and approval is all he dreams of
If only she could see
Without her by his side
He would surely cease to be

He touches the braid within his hair
Purple intertwined with silver
When he looks to her hair and sees the same
His tears flow like a river

He thinks back to that moonlit night
When they laid upon the beach
Even then he knew
That her heart was just out of reach

The flame that burned behind his eyes
As he crystallized that rose
Could never compare to the inferno which blazed
Within his heart, which the world once froze

When her gaze is upon him
He feels he can do no wrong
When her loving arms are wrapped around him
He feels like one of the strong

When he looks into her silver eyes
And sees her beautiful wings flutter
When he feels her body tremble within his arms
He realizes for him there is no other

For my dear, sweet Angel, only you and I know the true meaning of this poem.

Copyright 1998 Vermillion Gabriel Draven

All Rights Reserved

A Poem from Angel Of Mercy to Vermillion

You're not alone.... For Vermillion

I fell from the heavens; you caught my fall.
It was that moment; I heard your heart call.
I looked in your eyes; I could not look away.
I realized with a blush, I loved you that day.
A single kiss; made my wings flutter and my heart race.
And when I am not with you, I miss your embrace.
Wrapped in your arms I feel loved and adored.
And love is something my heart has not explored.
I wish to explore it with you, Vermillion mine.
And all of lives pleasures, in due time.
You mean so much to me, I cannot tell you how much.
I miss you and love you, I crave your gentle touch.
I am yours if you would but have me.
For you are all my eyes see.
For my sweet Vermillion.... You will never know how much you mean to me

I love you Vermillion mine. ::touches the braid in my hair:: now and always.

Angel Of Mercy

Copyright Angel Of Mercy 1998

All Rights Reserved

A Shadow Dance....

"Used with permission" Artist Jeffrey Bedrick, Title "Stardance"

So Shy and sweet he seems...
he comes to me in a dream...
He holds out his hand, asking for a chance...
I take it gently, he pulls me into a shadow dance...
A gentle dip, circles across the floor...
I look up into eyes that adore...
He holds me with a gentle but firm grip...
I feel my resistance slip....
The night lingers on...
We dance to our favorite song...
We whisper our desires...
As our eyes and bodies ignite in passions fire...
He leans down and kisses me as the sun begins to rise...
My shadow dancer, vanishes before my very eyes...
She watches from the window knowing he will return...
Knowing that she is not the only one who felt the burn...

For Vermillion, I love you with all my heart Angel Of Mercy Draven, your loving wife

In A Secret Place....

In a secret place
we all hide our face
A mask of black and white
A shadow that dances through the night
Love that grew and took flight
A dream unleashed in the night
Passion that you cannot deny
Her angelic wings gave her the life to fly
His Love for her strong enough to break down her walls
Her love for him crashing down his resistance, to his heart she calls

She said, "Never let me go"
He said, "I can't, I love you so"
She said, " Love me for eternity"
He said, "And beyond, my purity"
She said, "I love you with all that is me"
He said, "you are my everything Miss Mercy"
She said, "you are my every little thing Vermillion mine"
He said, "I love you my angel, my divine"

And they have never parted nor will they
The story goes on to this day
The dream shared by two
A dream sacred to me and to you
A secret hiding place
Where only I, see your true face

I love you........
Love Always,
Angel of Mercy Draven
Copyright Anna Marie Hoyer September 27, 1999
All Rights Reserved

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